2 + 2 :

The idea is to reconcile two often incompatible goals to provide your everyday environment with a quiet and elegant solution.

At first glance, we have the highlighting of four small windows in the centre of a large panel: pure material and colour. These windows catch the eye by combining the magic of light and that of the reflections of a cube shaped mirror.

Second comes the need for optimal storage space, whether at home or at the office. The large flat panel is divided into six opening doors offering numerous possibilities: lockers, mobile tablets, files, etc. This piece of furniture combines technology and aesthetics.

Elegant panelling that highlights a centre made up of four small windows with mirrored backs. This hides a significant amount of storage (wardrobe, mobile tablets, hanging files, small chest, etc.) that satisfies both an aesthetic concern and a permanent functional need. By interchanging the three panelling and window options, you get the choice of nine different finishes.

The construction of the 2 +2 model is both very simple and provides a large range of finishes. There are 12 possible combinations of finishes (3 for windows and 4 for panels).