Table [ tabl ] f.n. ( lat. tabula). A piece of furniture composed of a horizontal top, placed on one or several legs.

Desk [desk] m.n; Table equipped or not with drawers and used for writing.

The dictionary is not a philosopher: it gives us a straightforward definition and observation. No opinions or advice on the material to be used or the shape to give it, freedom of choice regarding the number of legs and drawers. It leaves us free to imagine. The only imperative is that "it is used to write", serious letters or not, confidential letters placed in a drawer or drawings scribbled during endless phone conversations. I wanted to tamper with it, to add dips, bumps, so that the hand wanders and lets go of the pen. Asperities without aggression, the vibrant material of wood and a little complexity in a simple form, for the sake of keeping it for a long time and watching it age with the writer.

This double-top desk is the work of a cabinetmaker. The woodworking, the assembly details, the drawers bring to mind mystery and efficiency.

The elegance of the detailed cabinet work lies both in the drawers and in the finish of its adjustable legs.