Unik éditeur : création de mobilier tertiaire design

For a long time now I have wanted to create a furniture company, to give international exposure to French creation.

My encounter with Jean-Louis Berthet, an internationally renowned architect and designer, definitely convinced me that it was urgent to act. He wanted to consolidate his collections under the same roof and, just like me, he had the desire and enthusiasm required to carry this type of project through.

Other architect designers have come to support us and trusted us to bring out their creations, more still will join us later. To be involved, to share with you this passion that drives us, to give our designers the means of expressing their talent are goals that Jean-Louis Berthet and I have set for ourselves. Milestones in our lives are often the result of our encounters; this human dimension is critical to the success of our projects and is the spice of life and of our humanity as a whole. UNIK is a matter of men willing to mobilize their resources and energies to put them at your service. Our goal is to do all we can to experience these emotions with you, the ones that make life so beautiful in spite of everything.

Marc Cauterman, founder of UNIK

48, rue du Faubourg fu temple - 75011 Paris
Tél : 01 47 03 16 60
Fax : 01 42 61 62 99